Feed Your Ambition Mentorship

What's the Feed Your Ambition Mentorship?

It's a series of masterclasses themed around entertainment, entrepreneurship and sports. Participants will get to pick up new skills and knowledge, or gain useful insights that will serve them well if they launch a career in one of these three fields, or even if they choose to pursue an unrelated career. If you want to know what each masterclass is about, you can find out here.

Who's leading the masterclasses?

The entertainment masterclass will be led by rapper THELIONCITYBOY, while the entrepreneurship masterclass will be led by Garcons founder Enoch Teo. Professional boxer and International Boxing Organisation Inter-Continental Featherweight title-holder Muhamad Ridhwan will be leading the sports masterclass.

If I'm picked, when will the masterclass be held?

The masterclasses will be held sometime in November. More details will be shared with you when you are shortlisted!

Do I need to pay for the masterclasses?

No, the masterclasses are free of charge to everyone. To get a spot, you just need to audition.


How can I audition for a masterclass?

To audition for a masterclass, you need to submit a clip via Instagram and include the relevant tags and hashtags. Find out what you need to do to audition for each masterclass here.

I don't have an Instagram account. Can I still audition for a masterclass?

Yes, you can! We'll be holding auditions at the Feed Your Ambition festival on 13 October at *SCAPE, from 2pm onwards. Make your way down and we'll help you with your video! Just make sure you read up on what you need to prepare for it.

Why must I audition to get a spot?

Our masterclasses have limited slots – this is to ensure that our mentors are able to give each participant their greatest possible attention, and that each participant gets the most out of their mentorship experience. The masterclasses will also be filmed and made into bite-sized episodes later so that more people can learn from them, even if they didn't get to attend the masterclasses in person.

How many audition clips can I submit?

We don't recommend submitting more than one audition clip per masterclass. If you wish to audition for two masterclasses, you need to submit an audition clip for each.

Can I audition with a friend?

We're afraid not. We will only be accepting solo auditions for this set of masterclasses, but who knows? Depending on the responses we receive, we may open up similar events in the future to group auditions.

How long should my audition clip be?

We recommend keeping to a limit of 1 – 3 minutes. Instagram videos are usually limited to a duration of just 1 minute, but you can upload a video carousel if you need to go beyond that.

I've been shortlisted! What happens next?

First of all, congrats! This means you move on to the second round of auditions, where we'll meet you in person. After your second audition, you'll be notified if you've earned a spot in the masterclass of your choice.


When is the festival taking place?

The Feed Your Ambition festival will be happening on 13 October 2018, Saturday, at *SCAPE from 2pm onwards.

Will there be food and drinks?

Yes, we have some exciting F&B vendors at our festival, such as Cereal Citizen and The Travelling C.O.W (Chef on Wheels). We hope you come hungry!

What can I do there?

Plenty! There will be audition booths for the Feed Your Ambition Mentorship, so if you would like to audition but haven't had a chance to record yourself yet, we can help you with it. Next, we've got live performances by popular and emerging local artists such as one of Singapore's top DJs, Inquisitive, disco/synth-pop quartet Disco Hue, and even our very own THELIONCITYBOY. Lastly, there will be activity zones themed around entertainment, entrepreneurship and sports so you can feed your ambition bit by bit with live workshops, games and challenges. For more info on the festival line-up, click here.

General Enquiries

Do you have any volunteer programmes?

We don't have volunteer programmes at the moment. But we do have a Financial Assistance Scheme for members of the public to seek funding for ground-up anti-drug initiatives. If you're looking for a volunteer programme that has a little more structure, there are other anti-drug organisations in Singapore, such as SANA, who do have opportunities for volunteering.

Can we collaborate with NCADA on an initiative?

We would love to hear your ideas. Just drop us an e-mail at secretariat@ncada.org.sg so that we can know more about what kind of collaboration or assistance you're looking at.