No matter where you come from, no matter how ambitious you are, and most importantly, no matter whether you have struggled with drug addiction or not, you are welcome here. This space is yours, and we are here to listen, to encourage, and to help.

What we want to do is to give you the tools, knowledge, motivation and mentorship opportunities to help you develop your skills, your passion and your future to make life more fulfilling.

Why Feed My Ambition

There's a fight going on in all of us. Every day, we're making all kinds of choices that set our course for the future. We can't always be sure that we're making the right ones. But we know that making a choice means saying yes to one thing, and no to another.

In the face of the temptation to take drugs, the only way we can fight it is to feed the one thing that has the potential to be more powerful than any drug: your ambition.

Don't be discouraged if you're unsure about your ambition. An ambition can be found at any age.

So since you're already here, let's get you started. We've got a festival coming right up that you can check out, or a mentorship experience if you feel like going a little further. Tell us if you hit any roadblocks, and we'll do our best to help. Happy exploring!

What's Up?

Here are the latest updates on Feed Your Ambition.

Auditions Open

Auditions are now open for the Feed Your Ambition Mentorship. There are three masterclasses available, led by THELIONCITYBOY, Enoch Teo and Muhamad Ridhwan. Don't miss your chance to learn closely from our mentors in entertainment, entrepreneurship and sports.

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This future-focused festival is where you need to be. Here, you can check out some of Singapore’s brightest social start-ups, chat to industry pros across different fields, or even take a step towards your dream career in entertainment, sports or business by auditioning for the Feed Your Ambition Mentorship.